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Discounted registration to TechMentor conference

The TechMentor conference, a Windows-oriented technical conference, has contacted us with an offer of discounted registration for their conference. Their advertising blurb reads:

The TechMentor Conference is coming soon – and for the first time, it will be held at Microsoft HQ in Redmond!

Coming up August 20-24, 2012, TechMentor provides in-depth training for IT pros. Learn tips, tricks and solutions to everyday problems – straight from Microsoft experts, MVPs and insiders like Don Jones, Rick Claus, Mark Minasi and Greg Shields.

SASAG members can save $400 off the standard Best Value Package rate (which is an extra hundred bucks off the Super Early Bird rate!). Register for TechMentor and use code TMUG2: http://bit.ly/TMRD2012

This offer comes from TechMentor. SASAG and LOPSA are not affiliated with this organization.