The Seattle Area System Administrators Guild is currently supported by:

Fuzzy Logic




Buzzwords like “lean startup,” “continuous delivery,” or “DevOps” don’t mean a thing unless your software team, IT organization, and management know how (and when) to implement them. DevOps Process Consulting from Fuzzy Logic infuses your team with the expertise and experience they need to speed up product delivery, make customers happy, and increase sales while reducing both OpEx and CapEx.

Network Management

Infrastructure is so basic that sometimes it gets overlooked in the rush to production. Fuzzy Logic can help your team design and manage the right solution physical or cloud including remote administration, virtualization, and automation, without ignoring the security elephant in the room.

Systems Administration

Sysadmins love automation, but systems administration doesn’t get done automatically. Even with a snappy sounding set of tools (Chef, Puppet, Nginx, Unicorn), a sysadmin needs to be experienced and versatile to evaluate, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with complex systems.

Seattle based special interest group for system and network administrators