New Site is Live

As you can see, the new SASAG website is now live. The old site is still available as well.

I’m still interested in comments and suggestions regarding improvements to the site. The following suggestions were made at the SASAG meeting:

  • Make the front page for meeting announcements only, and have separate pages for, e.g., posts about the Web site, book reviews, and so on.
  • Obfuscate e-mail addresses automatically
  • Implement a system so that posts can be written, then later posted automatically based on the date.

I like all three of these suggestions, but don’t know how to implement any of them in WordPress. I’m fairly sure that it involves writing plugins, however. I did search, but didn’t find plugins that do any of the above. If anyone wants to take a crack at writing these, or knows of existing plugins that fill these roles, please mail me or comment here.

Changes? Suggestions?

I’m Jon Lasser, and I’ve agreed to help SASAG run the Web site.

One thing I’m not is a Web designer, so if you’d like to suggest changes or improvements to this page, please let me know.

I’ve elected to stick with WordPress due to ease of use, ease of maintenance, and my overall familiarity with it. If you’d like to make design suggestions, it’s helpful if you’re capable with HTML, CSS, and PHP, or can at least point at a WordPress theme you’d like to use. I’m able to make small changes to existing WordPress themes, but wouldn’t like to delve too deep.

Anyway, please feel free to comment here or mail me with suggestions.

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