April 13th Mtg: The Basics of Logfile Navigator

Date: Thursday, April 13th, 2017
Time: 7pm
1111 3rd Ave #2500,
Seattle, WA
25th Floor, meet in the lobby
Corner of Third and Seneca
The Logfile Navigator (lnav for short) is an advanced log file viewer and analyzer for the terminal.  This talk will walk through the most common use-cases, like replacing ‘tail -f’, as well as going through some detail on how lnav works internally.  More sophisticated features, like querying logs with SQL, will be touched on briefly to give you an idea of the what functionality is available.
Presenters: Tim Stack
Tim Stack is the author of the Logfile Navigator.  He is currently
a Software Engineer for SnapLogic and previously worked for the
Flux Research group at the University of Utah and VMWare.