Feb 12th Mtg: Preston Hogue – Why Intrinsic Security Systems are Critical in Today’s App-Driven World

Date: Feb 12th, 2015
Time: 7pm
Place: EE1 Building (Electrical Engineering)
Room 303 (The new NORMAL room – 1 Floor down)
University of Washington Campus
Directions: http://www.ee.washington.edu/about/contact.html
Subject: Why Intrinsic Security Systems are Critical in Today’s App-Driven World
Presenter: Preston Hogue

Today, applications touch every aspect of our lives. Before you leave for work in the morning, you’ve likely used your phone or tablet to send a friend a text message, view your bank balance or transfer funds, check your email, review your schedule for the day, post a picture from last night’s sporting event, or buy tickets for an evening movie. Whether the apps we use are for work or personal use, we want to know that they’re safe, and that our privacy, identity, and information are being protected. The question is, how effective are the traditional “wrapper,” “barrier,” and “snap on” approaches to app security that most vendors have used for the last 15 years? Is it possible for such solutions, not having any awareness or understanding of the applications themselves and the context in which they’re being used, to adequately protect personal and corporate data? In this article, security expert Preston Hogue will describe why enterprises need intrinsic security systems to adequately protect their resources and users in today’s highly app-driven world.

Preston Hogue has over 17 years’ experience in the Information Security industry holding multiple roles to include CSO, security manager, security architecture, product management, practice development, business development, security engineer and analyst roles.

As always, there will be dinner sponsored by Silicon Mechanics. Check them out at http://www.siliconmechanics.com/

There will also be several CACert assurers present.

The meeting will be at the Electrical Engineering building on the University of Washington Campus, aka EE1. Directions are linked to the EE Department’s web site above. Parking is $5 after 5pm.