Next Meeting: April 8th, 2010 at 7pm

Date: April 8th, 2010
Time: 7pm
Place: EE1 Building (Electrical Engineering)
Room 403
University of Washington Campus
Subject: Understanding svn and git
Presenter: John Whitley

The talk will open with a Brief History of Source Control, tracing developments in version control systems (VCS) from RCS and CVS up through modern decentralized systems such as git. I’ll then walk through specific comparisons of the features and workflows supported by Subversion and Perforce and illustrate how similar workflows are realized in git. I’ll finish with an overview of support tools for git, both developer-facing and workflow support/server tools.

John Whitley is currently a development lead with Intelius, Inc. He’s worked on everything from consumer electronics firmware to high-scale service oriented architectures, and is an avid programming languages and source control geek.