Date: February 11th, 2010
Time: 7pm
Place: EE1 Building (Electrical Engineering)
Room 403
University of Washington Campus
Subject: An introduction to Wireshark for network monitoring
Presenter: Scott McDermott

Ever tried to figure out what the web server was really saying to the client? Maybe more importantly, what the client was really saying to one of your servers? Maybe you have a system that’s slow for no obvious reason or a network service that doesn’t seem to always work right. With a run of the mill laptop and Wireshark, you can gain insight into what’s actually happening on the “wire” (or the “wireless”). This talk will give you an introduction to Wireshark and the basics of how it can be used to investigate these problems that can otherwise be difficult to diagnose. The talk will also touch on some of the useful tools you can add to Wireshark to make it an even more useful tool.


Scott McDermott has been practicing system administration for 16 years. He has managed networks and systems ranging from 10Base2 networks with a couple SparcStations and DGUX boxen to 10Gig networks with 200 mixed servers. He currently works as a Network & System Administrator for the King County Library System, with an emphasis on the Network” portion of his job title. Wireshark is his tool of choice for diagnosing the problems that aren’t obviously DNS or permissions.