Next Meeting: April 9th, 2009 at 7pm

Date: April 9th, 2009
Time: 7pm
Place: EE1 Building (Electrical Engineering)
Room 403
University of Washington Campus
Subject: Legal and Technical Aspects of Sharing, Reusing, and Remixing Content Online
Presenters: Brian Rowe

Come discuss the legal and technical aspects of sharing, reusing and remixing content online with a focus on Creative Commons licenses, User-Generated Content and the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbor. Bring you questions! There will be time for Q&A.

Brian Rowe is the founder of Freedom for IP, a volunteer organization started in 2005 focusing on the intersection of human rights and intellectual property. He interned at Creative Commons last summer working on public domain and noncommercial use in copyright. Brian serves on the Washington State Bar Association’s Access to Justice Technology Committee and is an active member of Students for Free Culture. Last Fall Brian wrote a mock trial for the Future of the Law Institute that was used by high school students learning about fair use of music and bloggers rights. Most recently Brian helped plan and spoke at the Seattle Law of the Commons Conference held March 13th, 2009 at Seattle University Law.

Brian has a background in information technology. He helped develop the and Brian holds a BS in Informatics and BA in Political Science both from University of Washington. He is currently a third-year law student at Seattle University and has accepted a Google Public Policy Fellowship to work in Washington DC this summer at Public Knowledge.